My name is WooYeon,
but I also go by Woo.
I’m a 3D artist / designer
living in Chicago.
Thanks for stopping by! My shower thoughts tend to question our relationships with digital and physical spaces. As a digital artist, this constantly inspires me to utilize tools in exciting ways to create compelling visuals. The same curiosity drives me to be tenacious, open minded and collaborative about all aspects of my life.

Besides gluing myself to my work desk, you'll find me laughing with friends at coffee shops, reading the newest Object Lessons book, and playing my favorite zombie game, Hunt Showdown.
Artist Statement
WooYeon Kim is a postmodern, new media artist who digitally weaves observations and fantasies of how personal and collective history dances with physical and digital realities. She finds happiness from exploring that which has become veiled under the ubiquitous banality of everyday life. Through comprehensive research, empathy, and never ending curiosity, she hopes to embrace the hidden beauty in everything.
2022 Key Elements Solo Exhibition
2022 Perennial Sanctuary
2022 IMPACT MFA Performance x Jonas Sun
2022 Osseous Matter x Kayla Taylor
2021 My Dreams These Days x NAC
2019 ANAH x ATS Talk Series
2019 ArtBash Contemporary Practices
2019 Buonanno Scholarship Nomination
2019 CP Scholarship Nomination
2018 School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Honors Merit Scholarship
Exhibition Links
I would love to get to know you!
Feel free to reach out to on any of these platforms